The big meeting -

The big meeting

We had our big meeting today. I think everything went pretty well for the most part. The teachers aide that we have had struggles with still is reluctant to see Gavin as anything other then perfect. But as far as everything else goes it went well. He has lots of sensory issues that we are going to have to figure out how to help him with outside of OT. So I walked away happy with how everything went.


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Does he not have a sensory diet, or sensory strategies included in his BSP/BIP? Such strategies are huge in the proactive part of a behavior plan, as well as the child's ability to focus, and learn.

Lost and Tired

Actually we discussed that today. His big thing is running. He has this burning need to run. As he is in a school for autistic kids they can accommodate his needs. He has weighted balls, trampolines and martial arts. The problem I have is it's really tough to tell what is going on with him because of the comorbidities. He doesn't act like a typical aspie. So we never really know whether it's manipulation (of which he is VERY fond of) or actually something wrong. Some of the sensory stuff is quite obvious. My parents watched the kids while we were at the meeting and when we got there the dogs were barking and he was freaking out. You could see he had no control over that but other times it is far less obvious. He is quite therapised so he knows how to answer questions.



The misfortune of the clever ones! Either through overhearing a conversation from parents or staff, they add to their repertoire of behaviors with manipulating their environment further (fully understand, mine is quite an expert). That’s one of those things where all you can really do is test it. He’s got tons of sensory strategies offered to him, and he keeps running, so let him run. Maybe he needs more of an input, and is receiving it through the running (pretty high end proprioceptive/vestibular). Maybe, he is manipulating the situation, and it’s really task avoidance. Jr. here gets that option with his sensory, you can do blah, blah, blah, or you can run laps for five minutes (and my students as well). If it genuinely is the input his body is seeking, it’ll become evident. If he manipulating the situation, that will become evident as well. Sometimes with the clever ones, you’ve got to give them the benefit of the doubt, and sometimes you have to beat them at their game!

Lost and Tired

I can totally relate. No one ever believes us when we tell them or even show them what he is capable of. Even his teacher this year was questioning Gavin's psychologist because she claims "he is just the sweetest boy has never done any of those things at school". Nevermind the fact that last year he went after a pregnant teacher with a pencil. They have had to evacuate the classroom because he is throwing chairs and flipping desks. We actually think he had been having a reaction to a certain medication he had been on for a while. Since he has been off of it the amount of rages has significantly reduced.
It is defiantly a challenge but today has been pretty good. Just want to make it through spring break.



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