Gavin’s Easter

The two youngest have been picked up and are off to celebrate Easter with my family. Lizze and I are still under the weather so we stayed home. We kept Gavin home cause he is already on sensory overload.
We decided that it would be nice for Gavin to have the house to himself. We ordered chinese and just hung out. He is having a better day now and he never really gets a break from the kids. So today turned out better then I had thought.


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    • Cheryl on April 4, 2010 at 1:58 pm
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    Glad the day went well.. Sometimes being alone in the house with Max and just hanging out, can actually be relaxing, when he is having a good day. Its a good feeling when you look at your child and you see him happy or just enjoying himself. Max has the ability to make me laugh, even when I want to cry 🙂 Take Care.

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