Today's agenda -

Today’s agenda

I go to the doctors this morning. I pick the van up by noon and we are supposed to speak with Gavin’s doctor today and I think we are going to look for discharge. We were able to rule out any and all life threats and everything else is untreatable. He is getting picked on and desperately wants to come home. 
In my mind he was only there because we needed to know what was going in with the movements. We needed them to address any conditions that may endanger his life. We know we can’t treat the voices and we are prepared to find other means of addressing those. Biofeedback has been suggested by Akron as a way to teach Gavin to control voices as well as movements. No risk because there se no medications involved. We see Dr. R on Wednesday and figurevout what we can then.

As always please keep Gavin ad the rest of my family in your thoughts.

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