It's going to be one of those nights...sigh -

It’s going to be one of those nights…sigh

Everyone was in bed and I was finishing a few emails that I wanted to respond to. Everyone was sleeping upstairs tonight because it seemed a bit cooler and much more comfortable then it has been the past few days. However, that was short lived as it was clearly still to hot for Elliott. He woke up soaking wet with sweat, coughing and hacking. He had over heated and was having a kind of disoriented night terror type thing.

It’s such a helpless feeling when you can’t console your child. We tried to give him some Benadryl to dry out the runny nose and post nasal drip but he wasn’t having it. However, coming downstairs and cooling off has helped. He’s now asleep on the couch and no longer coughing. So I guess it will be another night on the couch for Daddy as well.

Got to do what you got to do…..right?

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Yvette Kennedy

Sayge used to get those night terrors when she would get overheated too! To make matters worse she has slept with this carebear blanket from the day she was born, which just adds to the heat. I know exactly what you're going through and how helpless you can feel! We have to keep it freezing in our house now LOL I hope everything goes smooth for the rest of the night for you 🙂


Have you seen the cool gel mats they have now? We keep our house at "sub-zero" if you ask any of our nurses, but I have considered a cooling mat for my 5 year old son since he ALWAYS seems to be running hot. We got evaporative cooling vests this summer and they have worked incredibly well. Take care & I hope you get some rest.

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