Back to the hospital -

Back to the hospital

It’s about 6am and I still haven’t been to bed yet.  Gavin woke up about 2 hours ago doubled over in pain.

I tried to get him to try potty but he felt like he was going to throw up.

About 30 minutes ago,  we made arrangements to get him into Akron Children’s Hospital.  However,  he has since fallen asleep.

As soon as Lizze’s mom picks up Elliott and takes him to school,  we will drop Emmett off at my parents and be on our way to the hospital. 

I’m concerned that we may be dealing with a partial blockage.  I asked Gavin if he is going potty every day and his answer is “I don’t know”.  So I’m left to assume we have a problem in this department and it needs to be addressed.

I’m so tired right now and can barely keep my eyes open but at the same time can’t sleep. 

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We dealt with this with our DS too. Hoping Gavin feels better soon!

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