We begin anti-anxiety meds

We begin anti-anxiety meds

In the morning,  Elliott will finally begin his anti-anxiety medication.

It took forever to get the script worked out between the doctor and the pharmacy.  Elliott will start 5mg of Zoloft in the morning.  This is a very low dose because we are treating anxiety and also,  Elliott is really tiny.

If things don’t improve in the next 2 weeks we will double the dose and see if that helps. 

We plan on keeping him home from school tomorrow because with a new medication, we never know how he will react.  We prefer to keep an eye on him to make sure there are no side effects.

I pray that this will help him to relax.  He’s wound pretty tight and is always worrying about something.  I hope this can improve his life because he deserves a better life.

I want him to be a kid and worry about kid things.  It’s my job to worry about the grown up stuff not his. 

Fingers crossed…..  🙂

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i am up and down with our youngest all night long because he doesn't sleep through the night consistently. hope it works out for your little one.


Thanks Carl. By the way, I wanted to compliment your on your site… Very Nice 🙂


thanks Rob, it is coming along. Working on some articles, let me know if you want to write something… 🙂

looking for articles on games for kids on the spectrum.

Margie Walker

Good luck!! My son is on Zoloft for anxiety – it works great but it's AWFUL for his sleep! It ends up making him wake up several times a night. I'm fighting with his psychologist because he insists this is the ONLY anti-anxiety med a 4-year-old can take. I'm certain he's wrong and I really need my sleep! Anyway… I really, sincerely and truly hope it works great for your son with no side effects!!!
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Toni Smith

Fingers are crossed! Good luck Elliott 😀

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