Ringing in the 4 day weekend with a fever cycle -

Ringing in the 4 day weekend with a fever cycle

Emmett is in the period,  right before he spikes a fever and gets the mouth sores.  We have learned the signs over the past year or so.

He becomes extremely irritable and much more aggressive.  Typically,  his hands get really got and he becomes very fussy.

The last tell tail sign is that he stops eating.

Right now,  all signs point to the start of a new fever cycle. These cycles can last for 10 days and are no fun for anyone,  least of all,  Emmett.

We are heading into a 4 day weekend so this isn’t the ideal way to start things out.

As long as he can still make it to the rheumatologist on Monday so we can figure out what is going on,  I’ll deal with whatever this weekend holds for us.

Having said that,  I read this great thing on Facebook this morning.  It said something like: when I said I can’t imagine things getting any worse,  that wasn’t meant to be a challenge.

I think it’s fitting. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Even if he is in a fever cycle I wouldn't cancel the appointment. I know it may be no fun for anyone but he's not contagious and it will be really good for the rheumatologist to see him mid cycle. They may want to draw blood and check hormone levels during the cycle so this could actually be beneficial.


I agree. We will be there if it\’s at all possible..

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