Elliott does not have pneumonia :-) -

Elliott does not have pneumonia :-)

We had a last minute change of plans.  Lizze took Elliott to the pediatrician’s office this morning. 

As it turns out,  Elliott does not have pneumonia like his younger brother.  What Elliott does have is an extremely nasty sinus infection.  He begins antibiotics this afternoon. The doctor said that with infections this bad,  a second round of antibiotics will likely be needed.

While it sucks that he is this sick,  I’m super happy that he doesn’t have pneumonia.

Next up to the pediatrician today is Gavin.  Gavin has the occasional cough but his throat is sore.  The doctor wants to see him because,  I guess they are seeing pneumonia cases presenting with only a sore throat.  As I’m thinking about it,  Gavin had pneumonia nine months ago and didn’t show any signs.  We found this out at our first trip to the immunologist. We had just found out about his immune system and we’re discussing options.  When he was examined,  they discovered he had pneumonia.

I had forgotten about that.  Gavin never presents typically with anything.

Here I am thinking he’s the only one not really sick and he may actually be the sickest. Hopefully,  there will be nothing to worry about. But I can’t believe I forgot about that. 


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