A Lost and Tired family update

A Lost and Tired family update

Well today has already been crazy.  I had a ton of running around to do and very limited gas.  However,  I managed to pull everything off and made it home safe and sound.

Lizze and the boys are all napping and I have finally got a chance to sit down and write.

Earlier this morning,  my mother was taken to the emergency room for breathing problems.  She had just finished a 4.25 mile walk in just over an hour.  Apparently,  she had what seemed to be an asthma attack.  I’ve known her for 33 years and didn’t know she had asthma.

I still waiting for an update but I spoke with her on the phone and she was doing well.

We kept Elliott home front school because he wasn’t feeling well may have a sinus infection.  This will be a 4 day weekend for him son hopefully he’ll have time to recover.

Let’s see… What else… Oh,  Gavin has his first tutoring session in the morning. He will be meeting with the teacher for about 2.5 hours of instruction at the local library.  She will give him all his homework assignments for the week and we will send them to school with Elliott. We know it’s important for Gavin to do this but honestly,  our top priority is his health. 

Poor Emmett is really miserable.  His mouth is literally covered with sores from this current fever flare up.  He had a rough time sleeping last night and we are not allowed to treat the flare up because the infectious disease doctor wants him of the prednisone until he sees Emmett again next week. I agree it’s the right thing to do but it feels horrible not be in able to give Emmett what he needs to break this cycle. Hopefully,  this cycle will not last the full 10 days it normally does.

We are coming the end of a really rough month.  We have had many,  many trips to the hospital and 2 actual hospital stays. Gavin has entered a new phase in his health struggles and was pulled out of school for the rest of the year. This is a huge change for all of us.  Not everyone is coping with this change well and things are getting tense. 

On the positive side,  we have all survived together and will be wiping the slate clean in a few days. Here’s to having a better month. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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David W

I just found this site. Thank you, from a fellow father for your shares. I'll be back, a lot.


I\’m glad your here and glad you joined the group 🙂

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