Today’s Victory: Never give up

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I just going to cut to the chase.  Today’s Victory goes to Gavin and let me tell you,  this is a big one.

Emmett dropped Elliott current favorite toy down the vent. Elliott has been beside himself with anxiety and grief. Gavin had tried previously to reach into the tiny opening but couldn’t feel anything.

He decided to give it one last try because he knew it was important to Elliott. 

He actually found and recovered the lost toy. He just made Elliott’s day.  Hi-fives were had by all.  🙂


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  • KathyKohlBuehler says:

    Now there's some brotherly love for ya! Remember that when they are ripping one another to shreds, as brothers have been known to do! Happy 4th! We, too, avoid crowds, noise, all types of celebrating.  Especially fireworks, unless they are on tv, and the sound id turned down low.