1 Dad + 2 Little Boys + 2 Large Dogs + 1 Squishy Couch = Worst nights sleep ever

1 Dad + 2 Little Boys + 2 Large Dogs + 1 Squishy Couch = Worst nights sleep ever

Well,  this was the first of 4 nights that the boys and I are home alone.  Gavin and Lizze will be in the hospital until Monday. Trying to manage 2 boys with #Autism,  by myself,  is very challenging. I don’t know how the single parents out there do this.

Usually,  when it’s just me and the boys,  we camp out in the living room or the squishy couch.

The squishy couch is simply,  two couches pushed together in order to make one giant bed. The boys get a big kick out of it,  so it’s become legendary in the Lost and Tired household.

The only issue is that the dogs don’t like to be left out of the fun.  When the idea of the  squishy couch was first conceived,  I hadn’t considered the addition of 2 large dogs.

We all eventually fell asleep and woke up around 6am to both dogs being sick.  That’s right,  both friggin dogs are sick. I swear God hates me,  or he simply likes to push the button and watch me jump.

It’s going to be a very long day because of the obvious but also because all the plans we had to make things a bit more manageable for this weekend,  went out the window when Gavin needed to be hospitalized. So I’m pretty much working without a net.

Once I talk to Lizze,  I’ll update you all as to Gavin’s current condition.

I also plan to try and get a Friday Forum post up sometime this morning. Thank you for your patience 🙂



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I know things are bad right now, but the part about the dogs both being sick at the same time on the big squishy couch has just given me a big giggling fit. I have fibro so bad, and I wish I could just die right now, but I can't. I've got two dresses and vest to finish before my Niece's wedding next weekend. The tylenol just isn't cutting the pain at all, so you made my day……….


That\’s great. I glad some good came out of that. 🙂

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