#Autism, anxiety and medication: Intuitive -

#Autism, anxiety and medication: Intuitive

Today is the day we have been waiting for.  We make our return to our favorite pediatrician of all time.  This also marks the first day of Elliott’s new medication. 

The new medication is called intuitive.  This medication is for use with ADHD and anxiety. 
While we don’t know if Elliott has ADHD,  it’s a very real possibility.  We do know for sure that Elliott deals with extreme levels of anxiety.

This medication should cover both bases.

We discontinued the Risperdal a few weeks ago because of side effects and it wasn’t working.

Hopefully,  this will help Elliott to relax a bit more and not worry so much.  Have any of you had experience with intuitive and if so,  was it a good or bad experience?


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Yeah, our daughter's using Intuniv in conjunction with Vyvanse as well for ADHD/OCD/ODD. The Intuniv, as the neurobehavioralist explained it, gives her a longer fuse. These two drugs together are a miracle and we've seen no adverse side effects – she continues to excel in reading (two grades ahead) and we're pretty sure this math work this summer will help her pull ahead in math as well. The Vyvanse alone gave her focus and helped her control her temper more but it brought focus amplified rigidity, inflexibility and obsessive/compulsive tendencies. Intuniv helped her then to think about actions and seems to also extend the length of time Vyvanse works.

Melanie H.

My almost 10-year-old son has been on Intuniv for almost 3 years. I have had really good results with it. He takes in conjunction with Vyvanse to prolong the effects of the Vyvanse. Before the Intuniv the Vyvanse would wear off by mid-afternoon. Since he was diagnosed with Autism this past February we have noticed the benefits for this as well. I do know that if I only give the Intuniv he will sleep for quite some time, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.


Thanks for sharing this. I\’m not sure what he\’s going to go on for sure but this is top on a short list. 🙂


generic is guanfacine, same thing as tenex, a blood pressure med. gave to my tiny 6yo w/ aspergers, adhd, anxiety. did nothing. dr kept raising the dose, finally it started lowering his bp too much. he already has autonomic issues. all done.


DD tried the lowest possible dosage of Intuniv (if that's the same med?) for 3 mos. and was pretty much in a stupor the whole time. We took her off and were VERY relieved to get our child back!

Jodi p

It’s a fairly new med on market
We still can’t get it where i live in Canada
Dr wants to try my stepson on it as it is only one time a day. Clonadine. He is on now is 3x a day


Ah my son is on something similar. Makes him sleep for hours on end if they give him a whole one in school. It lowers the blood pressure. He takes it to 'stretch out' his risperidone, if that makes sense. Give him half in school (instead of a dose of risperidone) and then at night a full one means he calms down enough to sleep. Then we have buspar for days he's completely out of his head with anxiety, which is about once a week or so. The one you're on is extended release, IIRC, so you probably won't get the sleep problems.

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