I wish I had the energy to..... -

I wish I had the energy to…..

This is pretty self-explanatory. I wish I had the energy to……

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I wish I had the energy to finish writing my fiction novel.  Everytime I sit down to write something happens, someone needs the computer instantly or someone will not go to bed or there is some utter chaos. Then the other times I'm just too stressed out to write.


Energy ? I've forgotten what it feels like! I try my hardest to fit in all activities i plan with my kiddies, tho not always possible in 'sunny' northern ireland lol I don't have the energy to have 'me' time, after i finally get the kiddies to bed, its time to tidy the kitchen, sort the laundry out and then after doing that i then make time for my hubby we sit and chat and stuff,  but theres no ME time…selfish as it sounds,  im very rarely on my own, either the kiddies are around or my hubby is close by…even when i take a shower i sometimes get visitors ! lol  only time i stop is bedtime lol i think id be bored if i just stoped one day and let the day go by, iv gotten so used to my busy life style that its second nature but i dont exactly have me time..


 @TinaBanks Can I send you a 20yo who is in love with Ireland?  She is on the spectrum, but mostly adores kidlets!  :O)  If I ever had ME time I wouldn't know what to do with it.  We ASD parents stay so busy that we become unable to partake of peace and quiet without feeling like there is a shoe about to drop–and there usually is!

Mary Franzen Costell

Follow through on y desire to file a complaint aanst our school district. The kids with Down Syndrome who are not being educated in their neighborhood schools deserve it. But procrastination in my fight with insurance companies and hospitals is wearing me out.


 @Mary Franzen Costello  Keep going–we are cheering for you from here!  Don't give up–you are vital in the lives of more than just your own children!


to clean the house.. and fold laundry…


….to paint and write again.  To get my art and words in front of an audience again.


 @Batty You can always guest post here 🙂


 @lostandtired Not sure this is the place for my sort of writing, but thanks so much for the offer!


 @Batty I know how you feel.  In my opinion, being a creative person and not being able to create is like putting a tiger in a box!  It is beyond frustrating.  There was a period of several years that I had terrible creative block.  But once that door was opened again, the window on time to implement that creativity started sticking again.  I long for the day(s) where I could have my own space and time to create & write instead of constantly researching, putting out the special needs fire of the day, or playing catch up with everything that gets put to the side in order to live in the here and now.  I hope you are able to find solace in even the small moments you might find to create. 


@hollyolmstedhickey @Batty my wife is the same way. She a brilliantly creative person and never gets a chance to use it anymore


 @lostandtired    I hope your wife can find small windows that work for her.  Being creative and not being able to use it is like looking through foggy, spotted glasses.  Ugh! Speaking for myself, while I still try, I find it very hard to be creative in spurts.  Part of the "therapy" being creative provides me is that I can get sort of lost in what I'm doing.  Switching gears like that is very hard for me to do.  Maybe with some specific creative therapy training (hahaha) I could get there and find respite in 15 minutes of whatever.


 @hollyolmstedhickey @lostandtired  I struggle to get time to be creative and try to use my meager talents to provide comfort to others who are suffering.  I do portrait work for members of the IDIC 15 group on Facebook when their children die.  Some only have their children for such a short time and having a hand drawn portrait sometimes is better than an actual photo.
I'm supposed to be completing my PhD this year, but instead I am a divorced SAHM with children who differ in their need for my assistance/guidance from day to day.  I can't make firm plans other than doctors' visits and there is no way to do a doctorate on that kind of basis.  Doc programs aren't very forgiving of needing to miss classes, etc. due to children with special needs (especially when they are legally adults).  
My writing has been mostly of the academic/ technical sort in recent years, but I write poetry, flash fiction, and children's books when I have the inspiration and time.  Here's hoping for free time and inspiration that coincide!  >"<

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