What TV shows do your kids watch the most?

What TV shows do your kids watch the most?

I was wondering what TV shows your your kids are watching? Sometimes it’s hard to find something that is appropriate for a child to watch anymore.

Perhaps we can share what our kids watch and help each have other to find appropriate entertainment for our kids.

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Thanks Rob for touching on one of my soapbox issues! When I was growing up my parents were strict about what we could watch on TV but never gave us a reason for it and I spent a good part of my life resenting them for it. That being said, my husband and I were watching NYPD blue when my oldest was about 18 months old. She was playing while we watched and then a scene unfolded where they were iterrogating a suspect brutally. The look of horror that washed over her face has not only stuck with me for 11 years but changed the way we watch TV forever. Because of that moment in time, my oldest 2 children have only watched Noggin, nickjr, or disney jr until they were about 6. They have had some PBS kids mixed in there as well. Hannah Montana entered our house when my oldest was 9 and that is really the only “kid related” show that they watch. We do let them watch movies like Shrek, how to train your dragon, and the like but only since the last year or so because our youngest is 4. My husband and I have had countless arguments over the kids being allowed to watch star wars because it is his favorite thing of all time. I have finally given in. I am not happy about it but what can I do. I HATE the fact that everything for even kids is about boyfriend and girlfriend stuff and wizardry, or that the families treat each other with disrespect. Then there are the shows that are supposedly family oriented but the dad is a goofball and his whole family patronizes him. Most media these days is FILTH. I would still feel this way even if I wasn’t a Christian as I started this way before I was. We have a netflix account so my kids watch Emergency and flipper. My oldest loves the brady bunch and little house on the prairie. They have started to watch the very first degrassi (a canadian show) but I am uncertain if I want the younger ones watching the high school version as it deals with teen pregnancy and stuff but the olders are OK when we get there. We watch seventh heaven together as a family so we can discuss the issues being presented because there is a lot of teen stuff going on. My second daughter (aspie) was turned on to a canadian show called horseland. It is pretty tame and family oriented. My oldest daughter is really pushing the limits because all of her friends have watched the harry potter stuff, hunger games and Chronicles of narnia and the lord of the rings trilogy. I have decided that the oldest 2 can read the chronicle books. I just cant stand the violence and the over sensationalization of special effects as well as the sexualization of everything. We are also in a minority because our family has one TV in our home and we all watch the same thing so we have to take turns. We almost never watch live TV. We DVR everything so we can pass over commercials or watch netflix or movies.


 @JenniferWhynott Awesome. We haven’t had cable for years now and only stream Netflix or Hulu.


I am not sure if you call it watching, but she is always have TV on the background as she plays on the computer, so it is more like listening. She used to watch it, now it is more a parallel watching as she aware of everything happening on the screen, even though she is not directly 100% looking at it. 
So mostly and the only her favorite channel is Disney Channel.


My boys are young (3.5 and almost 2).  We’re heavily into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dragon Tales, and sometimes The Muppet Show. The Muppets are occaisional due to some modelling concerns.  Mickey, though, has been a boon to words and sharing.


That’s great. 🙂


Michaela has been stuck on “The Backyardigans” her entire life.  She is obsessed.  Even when she had no other words, she would recite scripts from the shows and songs.  She will now print or type backyardigans words, and if you take away all her backyardigans toys, she will find other toys to represent them.  A blue marker becomes Pablo, a yellow shoe becomes Tasha, etc. 


My son loves transformers rescue bots, Mike the Knight, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins.


VeggieTales, Phineas and Ferb, Transformer Rescue Bots, and My Little Pony.


@LeannaGeorge we are watching Phineas and Ferb right now 🙂

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