People aren't the only ones scarred by the past -

People aren’t the only ones scarred by the past

Maggie is our amazing English Staffy. She was rescued from a fighting ring in Akron Ohio about a year before she came into our lives.

She’s a very intimidating dog but has an absolute heart of gold.

She is in so many ways, the perfect dog.  She’s protective and fantastic with the boys, which she views as her babies.  She’s also great with other animals.


Everyone that meets Maggie, falls in love with her.

Having said that,  she has this habit that drives me nuts.  She inhaled her food.  This is probably from when she was used as a fighting dog and was under fed. She’s about 4 years old now but still does this.

Basically,  what she does is eat so fast that she pukes it back up.  When she’s done outing it up, she eats it again, this time slower.

The vet has said it’s a behavioral thing linked to her past abuse. She doesn’t do it all the time but it happened again this morning.

I guess this really goes to show that people aren’t the only things that carry the scars of the past.

It’s just a random thing I was thinking about as I watched her do this again.


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We have one horse that was a harness racer for 12 years and then retired.  Then after Cali was retired, he was sold to someone who turned him out to pasture alone for 5 years.  They never rode him, groomed him, wormed him, fed him treats or gave him another animal to love.  We got him at 18 years old.  He was stand-offish, flapped his lips whenever he was stressed, refused all treats, from peppermints to cookies to watermelon.  We have had him for 2 years.  He has 2 other horses who are his herd.  He has a cat he loves and a chicken.  Cali will now even eat treats and come looking for more.  Gingersnaps and watermelon seem to be his favorites,  But when he gets stressed he will flap his lips and look very sad.  But he knows he is loved and will even let us love on him for a few minutes a day.  But he still remembers the past and when he does, he stands alone and flaps his lips.  

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