This bites -

This bites

Elliott spent the night at my parents house last night.  At some point he was eaten alive by something

Not sure if this was mosquitoes or fleas.

Sometimes he just wakes up with these bites and it doesn’t matter where he’s slept. He’s the only one in our house that this ever happens to.  He’s a sweet kid but jeez oh man,  enough already. 


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hi there I saw this post and thought I would add my two pence worth, they look like hives not bites, hives can be caused by stress/allergic reaction 🙂


 kelly Hives are not usually this large–normal appearance of hives is a fine, pebbled rash over a large area of skin.  These bumps appear to be some sort of contact dermatitis–not necessarily bites, but an allergic reaction restricted to areas of actual contact.  Just in case these are something similar to chiggers you can paint them with clear nail polish to cut off the air supply to any hatchlings under the skin.  Benedryl will cut the histamine reaction.


Try buying some unscented dryer sheets (store brand is fine).  Whenever he's outside or even sleeping, place one or two sheets in a pocket or attach onto to something that's close to his skin but not actually on his skin (even a blanket would be good).  It should keep most biting bugs away from him.


@anansison really? I didn't know that. Thanks for the awesome and affordable tip. 🙂


Is it only on his back? Also the regular flies are biting hard now (Fall is their time to lay the eggs). They all flying low and bites are painful, but it would not swallow like his bites. 


Bed bugs???


doesnt look like flea bites by shape or size… i assume mosquitos. and maybe he is sensitive to them like me. i get huge welts while other people dont. he is a sweet kid, maybe his blood is sweet too, they are eating him up.


They look like mozzie bites, calamine lotion and piriton will relieve them.


 @SusanStuart mozzie bites?


 @lostandtired  @SusanStuart Mosquito i think they meant. and I'd have your parents check their bedrooms and such for bed bugs just to be safe.. We recently battled them ourselves. What I thought was flea bites turned out to be a nasty bed bug infestation. Remove the sheets and check the cracks of the mattress and box spring. When they're not fed they're paper thin brown bugs that look a little like a smooshed tick without the extra eggs.


@Silachan @SusanStuart I don't think they are bed bugs because it doesn't matter where he's at, including the house. I will check into this though.


 @lostandtired  @Silachan  @SusanStuart Only some people are allergic to their bites, and the bugs spread and follow the source of CO2…so it's worth ruling it out at the very least for peace of mind. One natural repellant for mosquitos my mom used to use was "Skin so soft" from Avon. At least, it's more 'natural' than actual bug repellant that may use DEET etc. Hope ya find out what it is regardless.

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