I'm down 2 kids -

I’m down 2 kids

My Dad called this morning and wanted to pick up Elliott and take him to Youngstown to visit relatives and help with a repair job.

This is a great chance for Elliott to get away and be a kid.

No sooner did I get off the phone with my Dad, when Lizze’s Mom called and wants to keep Gavin’s overnight again. 


We’re down two kids today. 

They are going to swing by and grab Gavin’s meds for today and tomorrow.  If we think life is bad now,  if Gavin misses his meds….. 

This means that all we have today is the screaming Emmett,  who is probably going to scream more when he wakes up and finds Elliott gone.  🙁


Elliott is saying goodbye to Bella in this picture. 

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@KellianneSweene @Lost_and_Tired Ours are grown up (almost) and moved away ……. but they keep coming back!!!!!!!! 🙂

Mary Franzen Costell

I'm curious about Gvins relationship with his grandparents. Have you blogged about this before?


Have fun with Emmett! 🙂 Have you had a chance to work on a visual schedule yet? I know you have been very very busy, so no worries. I think it may help Emmett. Especially if he can see visually when his brothers are coming home.


Take advantage of the decreased population and do something that is too difficult with 2-3 kidlets–visit the zoo. go to a petting farm, etc.  Have Fun!!!

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