Temporary placement -

Temporary placement

We have temporary arrangements made for Gavin’s removal.  Gavin is going to stay with Lizze’s parents.  They will take him to school and my Mom will pick him up and hang out with him until Lizze’s Mom picks him up after work.

This isn’t the perfect solution but it should work for the time being.

I want to thank our parents for their help and thank all of you for your unwavering support. 

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I feel like i have no right to comment, but I think you have held on in a very bad situation a lot longer than many other people could have. It's obvious that the behaviours that you and your wife have tried to manage for years have drained both of you to the bottom. It's becasue you were fighting a battle that just can't be won. Everytime I read about the constant stress and battles I think about combat veterans and seriously that's how I picture you and Lizzie and the Es- combat vets. Except you aren't out of the war, you're still smack dab in the heavy fighting. I hope that your plan for G to be elsewhere allows your 2 younger boys the space to decompress and allows you and your wife the ability to recover mentally and physically.


So glad that there is someone near by helping you guys!!!


What struck me about your post was the expression 'hang out.'  You've talked about typical teen behavior and trying to separate what is teenage/hormone driven and what is Gavin and I can't begin to guess how anyone can tell.  But, teens like to 'hang out' and do nothing.  I hope that hanging out between 'school' and 'home' will help ease the transition for him and Lizze's folks.


I'm so glad you have found a solution.  You have provided him with safety, and family, and continued opportunity for contact with you all.  I don't know your parents, but good for them, too, for stepping up.  What wonderful parents/grandparents they are.


Hoping and praying for everything to work out for your family. Very sorry this is happening but it has to be done. You, Lizze and the E's have every right to live free of fearing for your lives. Not to mention how the stress must be killing Lizze. Hang in there!

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