Elliott is really having a hard time with Gavin being gone.  I know maybe that sounds weird to some,  because of how scared her cam be of Gavin.

Lizze and I have been trying to distract both Elliott and Emmett, to get their minds on something else.

Last night my parents called and wanted to treat us to ice cream. 

They figured that it may be a nice distraction for all of us and a chance to get out of the house. It was nice and the boys had fun.


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I am sorry you all have to go through this, but look at the bright side…at least he is somewhere that you know he is safe with people he is familiar with and people who love him.  At least he's "just around the corner" where you can visit him any time you want or even have him come back home for a sleep over or something when the time is right.  All that being said, I know this is not an easy thing and I couldn't ever imagine going through this myself.  Also, I can see the sadness in Elliott's eyes.  Its written all over his face in the pic above.  I hope things get better for you all and adjustments are made.  I am always here.  Love you all


@MikeNYvetteKennedy thanks Vet. I really appreciate all your love and support.


looks yummy.  Caleb has often said he misses Serenity.  The other day at school, he drew a picture of his hand and in his hand put a heart and then drew a crack in the heart.  He had someone write his sisters name beside it.  I'm glad his teachers are helping him talk about and express his feelings about Serenity being gone.  This is despite numerous times saying "I hate my sister" and being very apprehensive about being near her because of her unpredictable behavior.


@LeannaGeorge it's tough for the siblings. Hopefully things will get better.

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