Today’s #Autism Victory: The tag

Today’s #Autism Victory: The tag

I wanted to share a small victory that occurred today.  This particular victory was won by one Mr. Emmett John. Not only did he wear a shirt for most of the day, but he wore a shirt with a tag still firmly in place.

As many of you know, a lot of kids on the #Autism spectrum have sensory issues.

One of the most common issues I have experienced with my boys is the dreaded tag. Many kids, including my own, can’t stand the way the way the tag feels on their skin.

The fact that Emmett is not paying attention to the tag today is a pretty big accomplishment.

Typically, Emmett won’t even touch clothes if they still have a tag. I’m really proud of Emmett.  He had a rough day but this was very clearly the silver lining.


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He has adapted! Sometimes the little annoyances in life can be ignored–Emmett was "attending" to more important and fun things that keep him satisfied. 🙂


I had to laugh when you said not only did he wear a shirt for most of the day… All 4 of my kids and frankly my hubby and I all have issues wearing clothes all day. My son is literally undressing as he is walking in from the bus. The hubby and I could live in Pajamas. But we don't have any issues (wink wink).

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