What's with the friggin Christmas music already? -

What’s with the friggin Christmas music already?

Why is it that it’s only the beginning of friggin November and I’m already hearing Christmas music in the radio?

I’m totally not a scrooge but damn, I was hearing Christmas music last week on our local radio station.

I think it’s just a bit early for all the holiday stress to begin. 

Can we at least get through Thanksgiving before we start with Christmas?

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Jay Banks

The debate is raging and with the Shoppers Drug Mart's  (in Canada) decision to postpone their Christmas music playing in the stores closer to the actual date it waded into a kind of controversy. They say they took the decision following the wishes of majority of their customers.  Of course, some other shoppers are angry and swear to ignore the stores forever.


Unfortunately, the Christmas season starting immediately after Thanksgiving is long gone. Honestly? I’m surprised you’ve only started hearing the music now. Some stores have actually started advertising/selling Christmas stuff since BEFORE Halloween.Black Friday sales no longer start at midnight. They’re starting two, three, even FOUR hours before (actually on Thanksgiving Day).It’s sad really. The American consumer truly can be a stupid beast.

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