A night without any kids

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Tonight, Lizze and I will have a night to ourselves.  This is actually like the 2nd time in 2 months.  This almost never happens and so we are really looking forward to the break, as well as the peace and quiet.

I’ll miss the boys but I will relish the down time. 

Depending on how Lizze is feeling, maybe we’ll go to a $1 movie or something. 

More likely than not, we will simply crash and wake up sometime on Saturday. 

Thank you mom and dad for taking the two E’s tonight.  We really appreciate it.  We also thank Lizze’s parents and mine for their continued help with Gavin.

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  • adventuresinmattyland says:

    Yay for getting a break, it sounds like you both need it! I understand how you feel about missing them, but if you don’t get any time off you’ll crack up. Thank God for grandparents!