Let talk Food Allergies

Let talk Food Allergies

I wanted to start a dialog about food allergies.  As many of you already know, Elliott has been diagnosed with a tree nut allergy,  more specifically to almonds.

We aren’t new to food allergies but Emmett’s previous food allergies were not this serious. 


I wanted to share resources we have found and hopefully learn about some new ones that can help us and anyone else reading, to more safely navigate this new world of food hazards.

I found an app in the Google Play store called InRFood. The app itself has much promise but the bar code scanner is not working most of the time. 

Let’s share app ideas, whether iPhone or Android. Feel free to also share experience and types of allergies as well.

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I would continue but your commenting system is awkward. Why don't you go with disqus as it makes it very easy.


Thank you. It's going to take some getting used to but we'll manage. 🙂
Thanks again.


@Carlyoung I'm the same way with Tang. 🙁


As pollution increases our allergies will increase. I was a child in the 1930's and very allergic. I was the only one in my classes that was. I see now I was just super sensitive, the canary in the coal mine. I don't know what else to say.


What if these allergies are triggered by something done to the trees?


Huh. I have a very mild almond allergy. I’ve found that they are generally easy to avoid. At least, it’s easier than avoiding gluten, peanuts, or milk products. A few things to be careful with: granola bars, granola-y cereals, gluten free foods, and dairy substitutes.  Granola sometimes has almond meal mixed in (almost all Kashi foods do, as do Nature Valley’s plain granola bars). Gluten free foods can use almond meal as part of the flour mix. And dairy substitutes, or food that has dairy substitutes, may contain almond milk. That’s all that I can think of, though my almond allergy is mild enough that I’m not super cautious about it.
Good luck!


Our eldest boy is allergic to all forms of Sunny D.    No idea what is in it that his body doesn’t like, but as quick as he swallows it, he can fill the glass back up.

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