Things are crazy here at the moment -

Things are crazy here at the moment

Elliott and Emmett have spent time with Gavin for the past three days.  To say that they are overstimulated would be an understatement.

This is what happens every time the spend time with Gavin. 

Emmett approached Lizze a few minutes ago and out of nowhere, told her,  “Mommy, I hate Gavin. His meltdowns make me feel scared.”

This is the second time that Emmett’s said something like that, in the last few days.  I’m not really sure where he got that from, as we have never said that we hate Gavin, ever.

It’s really heartbreaking to here those words come out of my 4 year old Emmett John.

This is definitely something that we are going to have to work with Dr. Patti on.
Until then,we are just trying to remain as positive as possible. 

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Or, perhaps he’s heard Gavin shrieking it for so long that he thinks it’s normal.


@chefaimee that is an excellent point and I hadn’t thought of that. Gavin always said that perhaps that’s a contributing factor.


It may not be what he meant to say. He may have not been able to formulate his thought correctly. He could mean that he hates his brothers tantrums. If not I would try to correct him by saying we do not hate anyone but it is ok not to like their behavior though. It is what we do in our family so that they get the jist of loving the person not the behavior and like wise they learn that the person is not bad just their choices


@JenniferWhynott IMO I think he’s too young to be able to start understanding the separation of actions from person. That’s why you so often hear young kids saying “I hate you” when disciplining them. That’s not to say you can’t try to help teach them, but don’t expect them to completely understand it until they’re a bit older.


@Silachan @JenniferWhynott I agree. However, I think it’s a great approach to take, even if he’s to young to grasp the concept.


@JenniferWhynott I actually totally agree. We always tell the boys that brothers are forever. We do our best to separate the behavior from the person. Although, at 4 years of age, it’s much harder for him to do that.

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