Are you ready for Christmas??

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It never ever fails that we are always scrambling to get things done at the very last possible minute. This year is more exception.

I always promise myself that I’ll do better next year and I end up breaking my promise to myself, year in and year out.


I think I just get too distracted with everything else going on and there’s always something more important at the moment that needs to be done first. It’s stressful and exhausting…..

Once again we find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to finish preparations for Santa Clause.

Are you ready for Santa Clauses arrival?

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  • lyndavisyak says:

    Yeppers!  The hardest one is Philip my 21 autistic one who likes the odd and unusual gifts.  My favorite store is EBAY!  I can find everything there.  I even found him the exact same (new) Fisher price toy he loves, it’s a cassette boom box that plays like 6 tunes and was made in 1991.  He uses this to hold up to his ear  and spins in his office chair with the stereo on while looking at his favorite laminated pictures we found on Flicker of Zipper rides, lawn mowers and vacuums!  Shewww, did you get all that! lol.   I started months ago buying on my computer in the luxery of my home!  Iv’e got a few more years of practice on you, so soon you’ll get it one day.  Oh, hows the eating habits going for you?