My prince and his castle -

My prince and his castle

I’ve been totally dragging today.  It’s like forgetting to disengage the ebrake on your car and trying to drive away.  I just can’t seem to get moving. 

Emmett wants all of my attention during the day.

I try my very best to find balance between working and spending time with him.  Working from home is both a blessing and curse because there are far too many distractions.

Today, I really had to push myself to play with Emmett.  Lizze is still really sick and that’s just exhausting for for both of us.

Emmett wanted to play with his blocks. 

He wanted to build castles and then use the castle pseudo bowling pins.  After the castle was built, we would roll these balls at the castle and try and knock it down. 

Once we defeated the castle, we had to fight the boss.

It’s amazing watching him lay this whole thing out because he thinks in a different manner than I do.  He’s got this whole thing planned out in his head, so it’s like he’s got an instruction manual for these things. 

We built and felled many a castle today.  We also defeated the giant PlayDoh Gumball machine boss at the end. 

I had assumed we would be rescuing a princess or something like that.  However, we simply defeated the boss and that was it. 

Pretty anticlimactic if you ask me.  It’s like when you watch an awesome movie and you get to the end and it’s like…… could it end like that. 

I might have to help him out in the endings department.  🙂

Regardless, I enjoyed the time spent with my prince and his castle. 


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