Anytime I get to tuck my kids in bed at night…..

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Tonight was supposed to go very differently than it did.  We were supposed to have the night to ourselves to get some much needed rest and alone time. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. 

Emmett wasn’t supposed to have his little alone time ending crisis tonight. We were supposed to go to sleep tonight and wake up when our bodies were ready to wake up.

Instead, both boys are home and we’ll be lucky to sleep past 6am.

Sunday isn’t going to bring with it a day of no kids, like it was supposed to.  Our plans have been completely derailed once again. 

Having said that, I’m okay.

Despite not getting our break, I’m okay.  More importantly, Emmett’s okay.

To be completely honest with you…..

Anytime I get to tuck my kids in bed at night and check on them before I go to bed, was a pretty good day in my book. 🙂



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