The after midnight meltdown -

The after midnight meltdown

It’s 3am and Emmett just finished having a massive meltdown, that woken the entire house (except Gavin). I have no idea what happened but now, Lizze is up and has moved downstairs with Emmett and Elliott’s trying to go back to sleep.

Lizze told me to go back to bed because she’s up  ow and won’t be able to go back to bed. 

I’ve been going nonstop all week and desperately need the sleep, so I can keep going.  I’m so tired right now but I’m trying to relax after all the screaming, before I close me eyes. 

This doesn’t make me feel overly confident, that today is going to be a good day.


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i used to be so tired (and i was/am so guilty) my sick son was as young as yours and i had to tell him he could come get in my bed (at 11 years old that didnt go over to well) or stay up sick by himself. This was like midnight. I couldnt take it anymore. it was every night and day How awful. I was so tired. i had to go to work the next day and perform. I had to juggle the drs appts and meds i had another kid too. He never mentions this so hopefully it was worse for me than for him. All i can remember was that his stomach hurt so bad, he was nauseas or throwing up and it went on for months. the fatigue i felt was awful. I feel for you all. hopefully wont happen again soon

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