Do you ever just wish people understood?

Do you ever just wish people understood?

It occurred to me today that life would be so much easier if people just understood. Think about it.  With all the struggles we face as special needs families, how many of those would be at least a little hit easier, if people just understood?

Forget the general public for a minute and imagine if your friends and family understood.

Imagine how much more supporting our friends and families could be if they just understood. The potential for simply preserving relationships that would have otherwise fallen victim to ignorance or intolerance, would be amazing in and of itself.

How much of your life would improve if people understood what you were going through? How about your child with special needs? How much would their lives improve if people were understanding instead of cruel and judgemental?

One of the things that I’m most grateful for, in regards to this site and my blogging career, is the connection I’ve made with people that understood what I was experiencing.

Most of these people are perfect strangers and yet the fact that we understand each others struggles has had such a profound impact on my life and theirs as well. 

Imagine if you could find that same level of understanding in real life.  When I say real life, my intent is not to diminish the relationships built within the online community. However, if we could achieve that same level of understanding with our own family and circle of friends, think of the possibilities.  Think of how much better our relationships could be..

Understanding seems like such a simple thing but unfortunately, it’s anything but simple…..

Anyway, that’s what I was thinking about tonight. 

I truly hope that my efforts have improved the lives of at least some of you out there.  I know that I’ve helped the public to better understand because I hear from people all the time about they’ve applied what they’ve learned here, to someone in their life. 

I guess they understand now….  🙂

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unfortunately since my son has been sick for 10 years now, family wasnt really there except for a little bit at first now we are down to two out of 50 family members that stay in touch. they knew my son as a kid and i feel they have just forgotten him. i do try to keep in mind they probably have their on problems and ours are scary. then in reference to his dad it is a double edge sword. he needs to be in his life more, but right now and for at least the last 10 years he is not the kind of person that anyone needs to be around (i am not mad at him as an ex husband but as a father i cant and have stopped trying to wrap my head around his non actions). I know he loves(ed) his kids. I cant stand for someone to hurt my kids feelings (even though they are 21 and 26) but their own father who was so good and our kids sickness just put him over the edge and he cant seem to climb back over. I do my best by not speaking to him (not to be withholding) so i wont say anything bad to him to make him feel worse. i know he feels bad because he really really loves(ed) his kids as much as i do, he put in so many great years so at least my kids know the difference is how a good father acts and one that is not acting like a good father


Rob, just sent you an e-mail, can you check it as soon as possible?


I wish that all the time. And you’re right, it’s not just the general public, relatives are just as ignorant. I feel like I’m on an island sometimes, even from my own husband. I’ve just learned to not let myself get hurt by these peoples words and actions. Autism and mental disorders are not something you can explain to someone who doesn’t deal with it on a daily basis.

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