Do you ever feel like you’re losing it?

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What can I say about today? Hmm? Well it went from crappy to awesome and all the way down to shitty. We’ve survived several meltdowns on this 6th day off of school in a row. 

We are all pretty much going crazy right now because everyone’s routine is disrupted


Lizze and I are running out of patience and desperately need the kids to return to school. I’m praying that everything returns to normal in the morning and we can get that process underway. 

As it stands, we will only have 2 days to somewhat recover before we have to give Gavin his IVIG infusion on Friday.

I’m trying to remain positive but it’s not going to be easy……..

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  • rjones22 says:

    yes sometimes i do feel like i am losing it. great news is that my kids sickness (which really means all the bureaucracy i have to go thru with drs, meds ins etc.) has been worse before and i didn’t lose it so i should be able to handle things. I thought i would lose it when i lost my job again two weeks ago but i didnt. i thought i would lose it that i could not get another one of my kids meds preaurthoriaztion. i started working on it jan 2 and it just got done today. when i called yesterday she was saying she didnt know why it wasnt approved and would work on it and she called me to day to say it was approved. the copay will probably be $60 but at least it wont be $400 which i cant afford. we have food and the rent is paid and everyone is alive that is the best i can do right now

  • Jennifer Leitelt says:

    Oh yeah…

  • Jenny Patton Fury says:

    At md for anxiety as we speak

  • Elizabeth Simmons says:

    Oh yes

  • Lauren Lown says:

    A lot

  • Kim Kennedy says:

    Being up at 2am…ummm…yeah. hes just giggling away in there.

  • smcall122 says:

    Lost_and_Tired Most of the time I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost it!! #parenting

  • Carlye Read says:

    Yes! Today included.