This father’s heart is breaking today

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Gavin’s lost in his imaginary world again today.  A huge part of me just wants to grab him, yank him out and force him back to reality.  Unfortunately, that’s not how these types of mental illnesses work.

Truthfully, the more we try and keep him in reality, the more he’ll need to retreat back into his world….

My heart breaking for him today but at least he’s happy and not hurting anyone.


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AspieWriter #Dynxb6


Unfortunately,  i had a little taste of what you may be experiencing with Gavin (not to the extent that you are going thru of course) while my son was recentely in the hospital he was on ativan by IV. he will never have that again. what happened started so slowily i didnt realize what was happening. long story short he was having delierium from the ativan. it started slowly that he thought that there were spiders in the floresent light cover over his bed (turned out to be dead lady bugs and this was on the cancer unit which made me sad for a differnt reason as can they keep thing clean for the cancer paients. my kid is a cancer survivor so that is why he was on the cancer unit of the hosptial). then he felt something on his arms. since he is 21 he wanted to try to take care of this hosptial visit on his own and me not be there 24/7 so i told him everything was ok and went home. at 12 at night the nurse calls me and i speak to my son briefly because he was panicing so i told the nurse i was on my way. when i got there the nurse was frustrated with him and was kinda antagonistic and not as helpful as he could be because he was frustrated cause my son thought that he had spiders crawling on his arms that he could see. all i could do was scratch and rub his back to take his mind off of it that didnt work. i talked to him to assure him that there was no spiders and if there were that he new mama would not tolerate that and fix it. he knew that it wasnt real and he was halucinating but he “knew” it was real. as soon as the ativan got out of his system he was back to himself. i knew it was temporary but i dont know how i would be able to deal with it if that was his state of mind from now on. they did call the pyche dr but he was ok by that time and explained to him what happended. it was horrible. if that was a real mental illness he had i dont think i would have lasted a week. he was so convinced the spiders were real. he got frustrated with me because i wouldnt let him touch his arms (he was still with it enough to mnd me) but what if he kept at it. he would have ripped his arms open if allowed because he thought the spiders were real. i cant think of the right word but he was kinda mean because i kept trying to help him. i was able to convice him not to touch his arms i couldnt stop getting him ot look at them which was making him worse off. i honestly dont know what i would do if that was a mental illness because i couldnt handle it in the 4 hours that it was the worst. he is ok now thank God. but i think what kind of mother am i that i couldnt handle it for the main four hours it was at its worst and didnt recongize what was happening for the 48 hours that he was saying strange stuff but not too strange. nobody saw it. my son and i were talking and the only med that was added that was different was the ativan. thank God he was coherrant enough to make the connection so we knew to stop the ativan. I feel for you Rob and Lizzie

Avia Batya


Lisa Higdon

Peace be with you, Rob, and with Gavin. You are all on my heart each day.


You say you’ve run out of anti-psychotic drug options — has anyone raised the idea of ECT?