Elliott just can't seem to catch a break -

Elliott just can’t seem to catch a break

As you can see by the picture below, Elliott’s eye is in rough shape.  This morning he had his third dose of medicine. 

Let me just say that trying to give him eye drops 4 files a day is a nightmare.  An absolute nightmare.  He’s so anxious and is terrified of the getting the eye drops.  It doesn’t seem to matter that he now knows what to expect or perhaps that’s the problem.

On the advice of one of my readers, I store them in the refrigerator so that the drops are cold and more soothing but it doesn’t really help with his anxiety.

He’s pretty miserable and if he’s miserable, everyone around his is miserable……



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Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. We’ve gotten into a rhythm and he’s tolerating it pretty well…..

Raynette Jones

i have an idea for the eye drops that really works. if you try it let me know if it worked for you. have him CLOSE his eye, then put the drop or drops (if it is more than one drop see if you can go one at a time) in the corner of his closed eye (the corner close to the nose) then have him open his eye. no scariness involved. i hope that helps

Philippa Connell

That’s what I do for myself. I close my eyes, put the drops in the corners, open my eye and tilt my head so they fall in. My anxiety flares up around having stuff in my eyes, so hopefully that’ll help Elliott.

Christy Garrett

I do this for my kids as well and it works great. Ask your dr if steroids and an oral antibiotic will help in this case. By day 4, it should be helping his eye.

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