Do you ever just wanna scream? I just wanna scream -

Do you ever just wanna scream? I just wanna scream

I feel like I just experienced deja vu today when picking the boys up from school.  We pulled up to let the kids in the car and one of the staff members came out to let us know ow that Gavin had fallen down the steps a few minutes ago. 

She explained that the reason he fell was because he was jumping down the steps, two at a time or he jumped the last two steps and fell. 
Something like that. 

They’ve been talking to him about safety and so have We because he’s been doing the exact same thing at home. 


Of course, Gavin denies that he was jumping down the steps and isn’t sure why they would say something like that.  However, he does admit that it’s possible he jumped down two steps and just doesn’t remember it. 

This is basically a repeat of what happened yesterday at school (see I can’t take it anymore) and it clearly indicates that he’s not learning his lesson.  At least this time around he’s not calling the staff liars and is admitting that it happened, without actually admitting that it happened. 

I can’t tell you how frustrating this is… I just want to scream right now. 

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