We had an awesome experience exploring an abandoned hospital today

The boys and I had a pretty awesome afternoon. 

We picked my Mom up and went to explore the Molly Stark Park, in the shadow of the really creepy/condemned Molly Stark Hospital..

This has been abandoned for around 20 years now and it’s straight out of a horror movie.

I’m not sure why they have chosen to make the grounds of this asbestos laden facility,  a family park but they have. 

You can walk right up to the building and it’s quite creepy but at the same time, absolutely fascinating. 

The boys had a great time and we walked the path at the park before having snacks and returning home. 

It was beautiful outside and the boys love exploring nature, while I love taking pictures…

Check out my Instagram feed to see all the pictures I took today… I’ve included a few below…


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Awesome pix looks fun. I’m glad you guys had fun!


Awesome pix looks fun. I’m glad you guys had fun!

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