The boys have dinner with their Mom tonight 

We need to go pick up Elliott at school and then they will be going to visit their Mom for the afternoon, returning around bedtime.  This is the every other week dinner they have with each other.  

While the boys are gone, I will be joining my parents for dinner and helping my Dad fix his computer.  

As soon as the boys leave though, I need to run to the store and get my headset replaced under warranty.  I keep forgetting to do that and every time I’m on a conference call, I’m kicking myself for continuing to forget.  

Aside from that, we’re going to be heading into the final weekend of the school year.  The boys last day of school will be Wednesday and I have an huge surprise planned for them when they get home after their last day.  

Read This  We have a really big surprise for the boys :)

Anyway, Emmett’s feeling better and his fever is gone, for now anyway. 

At least there’s that… 

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