Today's Quote of The Day is the single best piece of advice I've heard in regards to #Autism Parenting  -

Today’s Quote of The Day is the single best piece of advice I’ve heard in regards to #Autism Parenting 

I try to find Autism related quotes that will truly resonate with my readers, while highlighting the author or creator as well. Sometimes it’s not possible but with today’s quote it was. 

Today’s Quote of The Day is one that I couldn’t agree with more.  

In fact, when ever I’m asked to offer newly initiated Autism parents, one piece of advice, this is what I always say.  

When you’re an Autism parent, you must very quickly become comfortable with having to make decisions about your child’s wellbeing that many people in your life will simply not understand or agree with. 

You need to find it within yourself to stand firm and always do what you know to be best for your little one on the Autism Spectrum, regardless of what anyone else, thinks, feels or does.  

Trust me when I say that it’s not easy but nothing about Autism Parenting really ever is.  

The people at put this little image together and I would love to see this posted in every Autism parents homehome, as a reminder to stay strong..  ☺ 


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