(Autism Poll) Does your child with Autism have issues sleeping?

Today’s Autism parenting poll is all about sleep.

All most of us know about sleep is that it’s something we’ve heard of and vaguely remember experiencing in the past. Anyway, please take a second and vote in the poll below and see how your experience stacks up with that of other Autism parents.

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  1. I am on sleeping pills and they help, but I still have the occasional messed up night or set of nights, hence my being awake at this hour on a work night. Thank G_d for telework. I was in graduate school before I started taking medication. I pulled my first all-nighters at 11 because my phase delay messed up my sleep schedule when school wasn’t in session and occasionally when it was. Twice, in my twenties, I accidentally stayed up for 24 hours or more with no more caffeine that would have been normal for me at the time. Usually, if I hadn’t been in school or employed for a while, the normal amount to time to stay awake by accident was 21 to 22 hours.

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