Here's a general update for today -

Here’s a general update for today

The boys are off today for some weird reason, making it a three day weekend. 

Gavin will be getting blood drawn for two reasons today. The first is for his Clozapine. They’re looking at his white blood cell count. The second is related to his immunoglobulins. This is looking at his specific levels to find out if we need to adjust his IVIG dosage. 

After the bloodwork, we need to hit the post office and grocery store. 

We’re pretty much out of everything the boys will eat and its been a tough last couple of days. Thankfully, I can go shopping today and hopefully stay within a modest budget, while getting the things the boys will actually eat. 

I’m really tired but I’m also feeling like I’m in a good place this morning. 

This is going to be a decent day and for that I’m grateful… ☺ 💙 

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