(Autism Poll) Do you prepare your child ahead of time for things or wait until the last minute? 

Today’s Autism parenting poll is all about how we prepare our kids for upcoming events.

Let’s say your child with Autism needs to see the doctor for an illness or just a checkup. Unfortunately, your child dislikes going to the doctors and it doesn’t always go so well. Do you prepare them ahead of time or do you wait until the last possible minute to tell them?

We all face these types of situations. Maybe it’s not doctor related but kids with Autism can struggle with changes to their routine or simply going places they don’t want to go.

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There are times where my wife and I feel it’s best to prepare our kids for something well in advance.

There’s also times that we feel it’s best to wait until the last possible minute because our kids are very anxious and will count the minutes or freak out until it’s over.

This is true for positive or exciting things as well.

Please take a second and answer the poll as best you can. See how your experience stacks up with that of other Autism parents across the globe. Sometimes we feel like we’re alone in a particular struggle. Seeing that others deal with the same thing can be very beneficial..

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Do you prepare your child ahead of time for things or wait until the last minute?
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