#Autism Parenting #Poll: Do you ever miss your life before Autism? 

Today’s poll is one that some might struggle with. It requires you to be very honest with yourself and that’s not always easy. 

The question is a simple one.  Do you ever miss your life before Autism?  

I wanted to share my honest answer before asking you all to answer as well. 

I’ve been doing the thing since before Autism was such a hot topic. In fact, when my kids were diagnosed, it was almost unheard of to have more than one child diagnosed, let alone a blended having three on the

In the last 16 years, I’ve realized that while I often hate to admit this, I’m only human. As such, I’m subject to limitations and feelings that are outside of my control. I’ve come to learn that this is perfectly okay. 

I love my kids more than anything in the world and wouldn’t give them up for anything.  

Having said that, I’m not sure there’s a day that goes by where I don’t miss my life before it was consumed by Autism. I’ve no problems saying that because there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way.  

What we go through as Autism parents on a daily basis, is indescribable and frankly, while we all love our kids, I would be surprised is anyone enjoyed the stress, , fear, heartache and exhaustion that goes along with being an Autism parent. Of course it’s worth it but I mean honestly, it’s not always fun. 

Admitting that doesn’t in any way mean you love your kids any less or would trade your life for anyone else’s. 

The idea behind this poll is to help others see that they are the only ones to feel this way. Maybe it can help normalize it for them and help them to set aside the guilt that we can all feel when it comes to things like this.  

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  • Autism is all I’ve ever known because I was born with it. For the most part I like the way my life is going though!

    • Matthew, I’m glad to hear that. You should enjoy your life. As a parent, that’s al we really want for our children. 🙂

    • So am I Linda…. So am I….

  • Matthew, I’m glad to hear that. You should enjoy your life. As a parent, that’s al we really want for our children. 🙂

  • So am I Linda…. So am I….

  • yes i do but dnt think i would change it just would appreicate more help and sleep x

  • Of course I miss my life before . The relentless pursuit of equality for my kids, for services, for therapies, for insurance coverage, battling with teachers and special educators, battling with other parents, defending my techniques, defending my decisions…
    Taking sick days from work so i could sleep after taking the kids to and daycare because i hadn’t slept through the night in weeks thanks to kiddo having night terrors.
    Crying, weeping for a typical childhood and future for my kids, mourning that they will alwaus be seen as different, and possibly “less than”.
    Explaining how there are some mean people out there and trying to convince my child that not everyone is a friend.
    Hearing about the manager’s two typical teens going to dances and playing sports and winning this and that, myself feeling insignificant and unable to relate.
    How my celebration of my son flying alone, changing planes and navigating airports at age 14 was a huge accomplishment.
    Looking at my now 17 year old son in his senior year, working part time, paying his car insurance….
    Yes I miss life before autism, but without it, i couldn’t be the mom i am.
    Who knows where I’d be if CJ wasn’t who he is, or if Tink wasn’t who she is…
    Maybe I’d be the lost one.