Sometimes this #Autism Dad just wants to feel normal

My wife and I took the boys to see The Secret Life of Pets today at the dollar movies. Tickets were only $2 each and that’s something we could swing right now. 

Sometimes it’s really important to experience a sense of normalcy as a .  

Autism and families can often be financially challenged because of the significant costs associated with raising . I just fear an article today that suggested that each child with can cost a family about $60,000/year on average.  

In our case, insurance covers a great deal but certainly not everything and I consider us blessed. 
It seems like there’s always an appointment, a struggle, a crisis or meltdown that seizes our attention and holds it for ransom. I’m aware that normal is a relative term but sometimes I just want to feel normal. 

I just have this need to feel like a typical family, a typical

Taking the family out to a movie, even a cheap one, helps to break up the day and sorta wipe the slate clean of all the or other Autism related fiasco’s we deal with constantly. 

It helps us to experience a semi-normal family dynamic, even for a tiny bit. 

I know it’s only a matter of time before everyone hits their limits and we return to the chaos of . In those moments before we return to what’s actually normal for us, I can pretend that everything’s okay and we aren’t battling major health issues or behavioral challenges.

I can pretend that my son isn’t facing life threatening health issues and my wife isn’t living life in constant, chronic pain. I can pretend that my two youngest aren’t so easily overwhelmed by pretty much everything life related. 

Sometimes I just really want to feel normal. Is that a crime? 

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