(Autism Poll) Does having #Autism disqualify a person from voting?

Lizze and I voted early because we didn’t want to deal with the chaos that’s likely to happen on November 8th. We of course had Gavin with us because he’s always with us. 😁 

During the process, something occurred to me. Gavin is approaching the voting age and has shown interest in this year’s election process. He has some very passionate options about the candidates and wants to be involved. When he turns 18 years old, will he be able to vote?

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The reason I bring this up is because I’ve never heard this discussed before and I truly don’t know the answer. 
Certainly Autism presents problems and in Gavin’s case, those problems can be on the severe side. Does this mean that his opinion matters any less? Does his cognitive abilities disallow him from voting? 

I want him to be able to exercise his right to vote but I don’t know how something like this is handled. 

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I’m hoping to start a dialog on this site because it’s a timely and incredibly relavent to many families out there with kids on the Autism Spectrum. Please take a second and share your opinion by voting in the poll below. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments to below.. 

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