Does your child with #Autism have similar sleep problems? 

Lizze and I are facing a growing challenge when it comes to putting the boys to bed at night and actually having them go to sleep.

Elliott and Emmett went from falling asleep within about thirty minutes of laying down, to being up until midnight almost every single night. This started during Christmas break for some reason and we can’t figure out why. I guess the reason doesn’t matter as much as finding a way to fucking fix this because this is getting old.

We had finally gotten Emmett through his I have to fall asleep in your bed and then you can carry me back to mine when you go to sleep phase, around Thanksgiving. It was a glorious time, short-lived as it was.

Nothing really changed during break. We kept the same bedtime and aside from the insane amount of excitement over Christmas, I don’t remember anything being significantly outside of the norm for us.

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