(Autism Poll) How many children with #Autism do you have?

It used to be unheard of to have one child with Autism. Anymore, it’s not uncommon to have more than one child on the spectrum. As a father of three boys with Autism, I can remember six years ago when my youngest was diagnosed at Akron Children’s Hospital, they were floored to have a family in their facility that had three kids with Autism.

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Times have changed and more and more kids are being diagnosed. I wanted to know how many children do you have with Autism?



  1. My two sisters and I are all on the spectrum.Before the leucovorin,I was about as severe as Gavin,with as many medical issues,no mental health issues,but what would be diagnosed as mild intellectual disability.One of my sisters is higher functioning,but has severe mental health issues,like Gavin,but different.I have no idea what her other medical issues are.I have a third sister,who was diagnosed on the spectrum as an adult,and has had multiple medical/immune diagnoses.Of the three of us,I am the only one who has persued,and gotten,a genetic diagnosis.A family with three siblings on the spectrum screams genetic disorders.You really need to look into getting them a whole exome or whole genome sequencing.

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