I’m sick for a few days and it all goes to hell

I’m sick for a few days and it all goes to hell

First things first. The boys had a great day at school and received a big surprise when they got home, in the form of my Dad taking  all three of them to dinner. ☺

I mentioned in the title about things going to hell. That’s in reference to this blog.

While I was sick, I didn’t access the site for almost three days. When I tried getting back on track today, it’s honestly like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

There were all kinds of issues that began popping up and I spent most of the day trying to figure it out. It wasn’t a security type issue but rather code corruption somewhere and I couldn’t track it down.

Long story short, it’s all fixed and ended up being a problem with my child theme.

There’s a lot of foot traffic that comes through each day and I’m constantly trying to maintain the functionality and improve the user experience. It’s not like I’m selling anything but I do need people to read, share and return. If there’s usability issues, that makes the experience unpleasant and readers less likely to return.

The purpose of this educate, comfort, support and inspire. I do my best to provide an honest and transparent view into our lives. I’m struggling lately because I’m struggling with my depression and that makes it harder for me to think.

Anyway, if you noticed any issues today, I apologize. So far as I can tell, all is back up and running.

Please remember that you can help me in my efforts by simply reading, commenting and sharing. It’s totally free and you just might learn something you can use some day. ☺

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Isn’t that the way it always goes? Glad you’re doing better.


Isn’t that the way it always goes? Glad you’re doing better.

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