How my wife and I maintain our marriage, while raising 3 kids with #Autism

Even while we’re neck deep in all that goes into raising three kids with Autism and various other special needs, my wife and I put a great deal of importance on maintaining our marriage.

Caregiver Burnout resulted in a roughly two-year separation, and we have learned some very valuable lessons from that experience.

It’s crucial that we make sure to care for ourselves as individuals as well. If we don’t take care of ourselves first, our marriage is going to suffer, as will our parenting.

By taking care of ourselves, we’re able to put more into our marriage and strengthen our relationship.
Maintaining our marriage is vital to the stability of our family, and serves only to make us better, more effective parents.

Autism parenting quite often feels like the reason the phrase it takes a village was first coined. In the eight or nine years I’ve been a public figure in the Autism community, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to adequately articulate how hard it is to raise a child with Autism.

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  1. I can imagine… I bet you’re doing a sterling job. God bless

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