2 shits and a flying fuck -

2 shits and a flying fuck

I’ve been in an awesome mood all day, but I have one pubecent pre-teen who’s been copping a major attitude lately. I haven’t talked about this much because….. Truthfully, I don’t know why I haven’t talked about this. 

For all the Autism related challenges I face on a daily basis, sometimes life sprinkles some more typical problems in as well, just for fun. 

Puberty is apparently one of those things. 

Lizze and I have been dealing with horrible attitude and lots of mood swings. This is part of the reason that we are watching for signs of Bipolar disorder. The mood swings are especially difficult, but the attitude is a close second. 

Just to be clear, no one’s labeling him with anything other than annoying pre-teen behavior however, there is enough concern to warrant keeping an eye on things. 

The last thing in the world I would want for any of my kids is another diagnosis, but Bipolar is sorta rampant on both sides of our family, so there’s a real possibility. 

Anyway, we never got this kind of attitude with Gavin. When Gavin was Elliott’s age, he would threaten to kill us or exhibit extremely violent behaviors. That is something we know how to deal with. 

The whiny, moody, attitudy crap, is something completely new to us. 

I’m personally doing all I can to remain patient, because as typical as some of this stuff may be, there’s always Autism related stuff that exasperates things. 

It would be an injustice to Elliott, if we didn’t hold him accountable for at least some of this stuff. He needs to learn that he’s not the center of the Universe. Our kids are the center of our Universe, but society doesn’t give two shits and a flying fuck. 

As usual, life is still a work in progress.. 

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