Things are rapidly going downhill

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As the day marches forward, the temperature in the house is well into the 80’s, and the boys are no longer fun to be around. In fact, they are quite unpleasant. Something that most people might not think of, is how sensory processing disorder plays into things.

Anything that causes stimulation of the senses, can lead to sensory overload.

Kids like mine don’t process sensory input correctly, and therefore they can become overwhelmed. Kids with sensory processing disorder experience everything at the same time. They feel, hear, smell, see and taste everything, all at once. It’s disorientating, overwhelming and even painful.

Place those same kids into an environment that’s too hot. Their skin becomes sticky from sweat, and they reach a state of overstimulation fairly quick. I don’t experience things like this myself. but my wife and kids do, and they help me to better understand.

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Anyway, the boys are going through this right now, and the meltdowns are rolling like thunder. Emmett is the most profoundly impacted, but the other two aren’t too far behind. I was able to snag a couple of fans, on a temporary basis, and that helps a little, but their current state is such that nothing is really going to make much of a difference.