(Poll) What do you do when you get a break from your child with #Autism?

Lizze and I have a nice little break today. Her Mom came and picked up the boys for the day. I think they might be going swimming or something. 🙂

I have no idea what Lizze and I are going to do. We’re both leaning towards sleep, but then it feels like a wasted chance to do something together. We’re thinking about maybe a dollar movie, or even going out to lunch. We rarely get to go anywhere on our own, and when the chance presents itself, nothing sounds good but going to sleep.

(#Poll) What you do if or when you get a break from your #Autism parenting responsibilitiesClick To Tweet

I thought that I could ask you, folks, what you do if or when you get a break from your parenting responsibilities. Please answer the poll embedded below as honestly as you can. Afterward, I ask that you share this post on your social media so that we can see how the community deals with breaks/respite.  Thanks

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