(Poll) Which WordPress Commenting System Do You Prefer?

I try to keep this blog as user/reader friendly as I possibly can, without sacrificing functionality. One of the features of this blog is often up for debate, and that’s the commenting system I use. I’d like to know what commenting system you prefer to use.

When deciding, please consider usability, what promotes discussion and what you like best.

Currently I’m using Disqus, as it’s very well known. It’s probably the most popular of all the commenting system, but it can be slow.

The default WordPress Commenting System pretty much sucks, but some people really like it. It’s a very simple interface but it’s prone to spam and things like that.

Facebook comments are the easiest for people to use and since majority of the has a Facebook account, it’s pretty straight forward. One benefit as a publisher is that people can’t hide behind guest accounts and leave nasty comments. One downside is that your identity is known when you leave a comment. Most people don’t care about this but I want to put that out there anyways.

I appreciate your feedback… ☺